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Minutes of Meetings. 3

{Sen-Mastibi Hararneki), and the following magical and religious objects from Tibet, viz.: —

1. Charms against British bullets taken from the dead bodies of Tibetan


2. Moulds for casting medicine-cakes.

3. A rosary of jade consisting of 1 1 1 beads.

4. A mitre worn by priest in the ceremony of giving life.

5. A vase of life.

6. Sacred pictures from Buddhist temples.

7. A mask used in mystery plays.

8. A pair of butter lamps.

9. A trumpet placed on steps of altar of Buddhist temple.

10. Two copper flageolets placed on steps of altar of Buddhist temple.

11. A thighbone tmmpet cased in copper, and blown at funerals.

12. A case enclosing drum, with charmed streamers worn by Llamas, and

struck to mark the breaks between the different parts of a religious service.

13. An astrologer's table.

14. Sorcerer's implements, viz. (i) dagger to smite demons, (ii) horn to

cast consecrated pebbles at she-demons, and (iii) sash of carved human bones.

15. A small figure of Buddha.

At the conclusion of the Meeting votes of thanks were accorded to Mr. Crawford Cree for his paper, and to Mr. Wright for the exhibition of his interesting objects.