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114 Correspondence.

In Japan, deeds, notes of hand, certificates, and other docu- ments to be used as proofs were formerly sealed in this way, a practice to which the word tegata (hand-shape) still used of such papers, remains to testify.

Documents are in existence in which Mikados have authenti- cated their signatures by an impression of their hand in red ink.

VV. G. Aston. \Cf. Tooth impressions, Vol. xv., p. 343. — Ed.]

Betrothing Custom.

I do not know if it has been recorded that in the south of

Ireland, when children are playing together, if a boy hurts a little

girl so as to draw blood, his nurse says to the boy, " Now you'll

have to marry her." I am afraid that in my very young days I

was thus betrothed more than once, but unhappily I never carried.

out the contract, and have now even forgotten the names of* my

betrothed ones, I see there is a reference to such betrothals.

in The Legend of Perseus^ II., 342.

William Crooke.