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17TH January, 1906.

During the past year 10 Libraries have been enrolled as subscribers, and 18 new members have been elected, while death accounts for the loss of 5 old members, and 19 have resigned. There is therefore a balance to the good on the roll of the Society.

The Council observe with regret that not a few members allege as a reason for tendering their resignations, their inability to be present at the Society's meetings. They venture to point out that the value of the publications issued to members is an ample return for the sub- scription, and would strongly urge that this should be taken into consideration by any member contemplating resignation in the future.

At the last annual meeting Rule II. of the Society's rules was amended, and now reads as follows, viz. : — " The Society shall consist of (a) members and (d) libraries and other institutions being subscribers to its funds of one guinea annually." The Council propose that in future members and subscribing libraries shall be distinguished in the published lists.

The papers read during the year have been of excep- tional interest, as will be seen from the following list :

Jan. 18. The President's Address. {^Folk-Lore, March, 1905.)

"Notes on the Huculs." Miss M. L. Hodgson. Feb. 15. "Note on the Carlingford Giant." Mrs. C. J. Dennis.

"The Ragnarok and Valhalla Myths." Mr. A. F. Major.