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Annual Report of the Council. 7

March 15. " The Scoppio del Carro at Florence." Miss. Jessie L. Weston. " Notes on Processions of the Dancing Towers in Italy." Mrs.

Wherry. "The Cimaruta." Mr. R. T. Giinther. April 19. " Some Notes from Southern Nigeria." Mr. R. E. Dennett. "Bavili Notes." Mr. R. E. Dennett.

"Jerusalem Folk-Lore." Frau Hans Spoer (Miss Goodrich Freer). May 17. " The Religious Ideas of the Arunta." Mr. N. W. Thomas.

" Arunta Totemism and Marriage Laws." Mr. Andrew Lang. June 21. " Notes on the Legend of Merlin." Dr. Gaster. Nov. 18. " The King of the Wood on Celtic Soil." Mr. A. Bernard Cook. Dec. 20. "Backfooted Beings." Mr. A. T. Crawford Cree.

The following is a list of the objects exhibited at the meetings, which is an unusually long and interesting one, viz. :

(i) A collection of powder-horns, needle-cases, women's necklaces, and Easter eggs made and used by the Huculs. By Miss M. L. Hodgson.

(2)* Acorn-baby from Ulster, locally known as a "churn." By the Rev. Canon Lett.

(3) Photographs of a Phoenician sacred pillar in Melquart's Temple in Malta. By the Rev. E. Magri.

(4)* A bottle of quern-ground barley meal from the island of Fuda, in the Sound of Barra. By Dr. Maclagan.

(5-10) A Whitby cake with the ammonite arms of the Town ; ammonites from Whitby, to which false heads had been attached to resemble coiled snakes ; a Whitby halfpenny, 1667, bearing the coiled snake arms, and an inscription, " Henry Smeaton, his half- penny, 1667 " ; neolithic arrowheads of flint used in Co. Antrim to cure cows of "grup," about 1898; various holed stones used in Co. Antrim to protect cows from the pixies, etc., about 1898; a ladle of wood used at Beauly, N.B., in 1840, for sprinkling with water victims of the Evil Eye. By Mr. E. Lovett.

(11) Two holed stones from Caithness. By Miss Barry.

(12) Chinese and Japanese Charms. By Mr. A. R. Wright.

(13) Photographs illustrating the Folk-Lore of the Indian tribes of the south-west of North America. By Mr. Chase.

(14) A Thor rake from Oldham, Lancashire. By Mr. C. J. Tabor.

(15) A Japanese war charm. By Mr. A. R. Wright.

(16) A number of magical and religious objects from Tibet; also by Mr. A. R. Wright.

(17) A silver charm necklace. By Miss B. Wherry. And

(18) Specimens and drawings of the Cimaruta. By R. T. Gunther.