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510 List of Works

Avebury (Lord) Origin of Civiiizatio?i ; and

Spencer (Herbert) Principles of Sociology.

It entered upon a new stage with the pubHcation of

Frazer (J. G.) The Golden Bough (first edition, 1890, second edition, 1900), Macmillan, 36s. A third and greatly enlarged edition is in the press, and a portion of this has appeared separately as :

Lectures on the History of the Kingship. 1905. Macmillan. 8s. 6d.

As a general treatment of the above sections, though of course

without reference to recent evidence,

Maine (Sir Henry Sumner) Early History of Institutions, (1875, several times reprinted) may still be studied. It is chiefly based upon evidence provided by communities of Aryan speech, with which the two following works are exclusively concerned.

Fustel de Coulanges. La cite antique. First issued 1862 (3 f. 50), frequently reprinted. . •. M. Fustel's work is a masterpiece, but the reader must bear in mind

that it takes up a discussion of the subject at a comparatively late stage of

development and confines itself to a special class of evidence.

Hearn (W. T.) The Aryan Household. 1879. Longmans. i6s.

On Aryan land tenure and agricultural systems there is a con- siderable literature in English. The following may be mentioned : Maine (Sir H. S.) The Village Community. First issued 1871.

3rd ed. 1876. I2S. Baden-Powell (B. H.) The Indian Village Community. 1896.

Longmans. i6s. Vinogradoff (P. G.) The Growth of the Manor. 1905. Sonnen-

schein. los. 6d.

EARLY LEGAL INSTITUTIONS. This section overlaps a good deal with the last, but it is convenient to keep the sub-division.

Maine (Sir H. S.) Ancient Law ; its connection with the Early History of Society and its relations to Modern Ideas, first published in 1861, new edition by Sir Fred. Pollock, with Introduction and Notes. 1906. Murray. 5s. . • . On the whole the best general handbook for the English student.