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List of Works 51 r

Post (A. H.) Grundriss der ethnologischen Jiirispriidenz. 2 vols. 1894-95. Oldenburg. 16 Mk.

. • . Of wider scope and based upon a much wider field of comparison.

Westermarck (A.) Origin and Development of the Moral Ideas ^ Vol. I. 1905. Macmillan. 14s. . ■ . Practically a History of the sanctions underlying the Criminal Law, based on evidence mainly derived from the customs and ideas of people in the lower stages of culture.

Post (A. H.) Afrikanische /urisprudcnz. Zur Kenntniss der ein- heiinischeti Rechte Afrikas. 2 vols. 1887. Oldenburg. 10 Mk. . ■ . The best work for this section of the human race.

Cook (Stanley A.) The Laws of Moses and the Code of Hammurabi. 1903. Black. 3s. .*. The whole subject of Semitic legal antiquities has been revolutionised by the discovery of the Code of Hammurabi, at the present the oldest known body of written law. The above is the best handbook for English students.

Leist (B. W.) Altarisches Jus Gentium. 1889. Jena. 12 Mk. . ■ . The best comparative study of the earliest recoverable stages of Aryan law.

Separate Aryan systems are specially treated of in the following works, besides Maine, who is chiefly concerned with Roman, Greek and Hindu law.

Early Hindu.

Manu. Institutes, translated by G. Biihler. 1886. Clarendon Press. 4s.


D'Arbois de Jubainville, Etudes sur le droit celtique. 2 vols.

1895. f. 17. Ancient Laws and Itistitutes of Ireland. 6 vols. (Vol. VI.

Glossary.) Text and Translation. 1856-1903. The Ancient La7vs of Wales, edited by H. Lewis and J. E. Lloyd.

1890. Stock. I2S. 6d. Joyce (P. W.) Social History of Ancient Ireland. 2 vols. 1903.

Longmans. 21s. . • . Is largely based upon the legal evidence, but takes note of the literature, and of the archaeological evidence as well. It is the best work on the subject, though lacking in a truly critical analysis of the evidence.

Seebohm (F.) Tribal System in Wales. Longmans. 12s. 6d.