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512 List of Works


Kovalevsky (M.) Modern Customs and Ancient Laws of Russia. 1891. Nutt. 5s.


There is no good comparative study in English on the legal antiquities of the various Teutonic peoples. The best introduc- tion to the subject is Amira (K. U.) Grundriss des germanischen Rechts. 1897. 4 Mk,

The standard edition of the Laws of the Continental Teutons is that contained in the

Monutnenta Germaniae historica :

That of the laws of the Insular Teutons (Anglo-Saxons), is

Liebermann's Gesetze der Angelsachsen^ vols. I., II. 1897, 1906.

^2 8s. Jacob Grimm's Deutsche Rechtsalterthiinier (last edition by

Hendler and Hiibner, 1899. 2 vols, j^i los.):

and his great collection of mediaeval legal records, Ibid Weisthiimer. 1840-1878. ^^3,

are invaluable to the folklorist student of legal antiquities

as examples of the study and interpretation of legal texts

by the greatest master in folk-lore. Pollock (Sir F.) and F. W. Maitland, History of English Lata

before Edward L. 2nd ed. 2 vols. 1899. C.J.Clay. ^£2. . • . Is valuable for comparative as well as for historical study. Holmes (0. W.) The Common Law. 1881.

A. N.

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