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78 Collectanea.

and lift the figure off. The resulting figure is the obverse of the opening figure. Fig. 5.

kji^t li'^lf T'v^f loop \^^^^ ^Y -f'^il')

Fig. 5.

Variation. Shift the short end strings a little in a distal direction on the first player's hands, so as to make crossing strings at the sides. Grasp the Xs with thumbs and indices placed in the angles which open towards the first player's hands. Place right thumb and index holding their strings under the middle string furthest from them, and lift it across the other middle string, and to that side. With the left thumb and index lift the other middle string similarly across in the opposite direction. Detach the figure and extend. It will be found identical with that previously held by the second player. Fig. 2.

Variation 2. If the short end strings be shifted in a proximal direction and the movement of the first variation carried out, the figure is unchanged. Fig. 3.

I learned these variations from Miss Kathleen Haddon.

V. Diamond, or Soldier's Bed.

First Player. Approach the hands to the manger (Fig. 5) in the same manner as in taking off the opening figure, and take hold of the X strings similarly. Carry them over the basal strings (which lie above, in this figure), and thrusting thumbs and indices well down in the middle, separate the hands, pressing thumbs and indices against the basal strings from inside the figure. Detach the strings. They present Fig. 4 or the obverse of Fig. 2 held on the turned down hands.