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VI. Cat's Eyes.

Second Player. Take hold of the X strings exactly as was done in taking off the obverse figure and make the same movement, pushing the thumbs and indices well up before making the sideways extension which lifts the figure off the first player's hands.

Fig. 6.

The resulting figure (Fig. 6) consists of a pair of loops on either thumb and index lying proximal, the inner strings of each pair crossing in the middle of the figure and hitching with the middles of two pairs of side strings. The proximal side strings at this mid-point become distal and continue as distal end strings. The distal side strings become proximal at the mid-point and form the outer strings of the loops aforesaid. Each of the strings which cross in the middle passes between the side strings, distal and proximal to one and proximal and then distal to the other.

Variatio7i. By executing a move similar to that by which the obverse of the church window figure was produced from it (Fig. 2, Fig. 4), the obverse can be again converted into