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the church window figure or soldier's bed. It will be held on the downturned hands. Fig. 7.

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Fig. 7.

VII. Fish in the Net, or Fish in the Dish, or Noses.

First Player. Put thumbs and indices on either side from above into the side loops of the last figure (Fig. 6), outside the strings which make the large central diamond. Push the thumbs and indices well down and turn them up so as to catch on their backs the sides of the diamond. Lift the strings off and extend (Fig. 8).

Fig. 8.

The description of the figure is as follows : Two end strings held on the thumbs and indices, which cross as side strings, and passing distally over the middle of the end strings turn into the middle of the figure as two strings lying proximal side by side lengthways with the figure.

Note to VII., Fig. 8. Care must be taken to distinguish the mid-strings which form the "fish." They are apt to over- lap, crossing at both ends so that the ulnar string appears