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to be radial ; the radial, ulnar. If the fact is borne in mind, this position (Fig. 9) facilitates the following transformations :

Fig. 9.


Put a little finger from above into the central space of the last figure, take up the radial mid-string and draw it across the ulnar middle and side strings : and with the other little finger make a like movement with the ulnar mid-string. With thumbs and indices grasp the X strings at the sides, from above, in the usual way. Extend sideways, turning the thumbs and indices up so as to carry the inner strings of the Xs on their dorsa. The Xs when grasped must be within the angles formed by the little finger loops. Figs. 10 and II.



Fig. 10.

The diagrams show the arrangement of the strings when the figure is laid down — one is symmetrical, the other not.