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6 Minutes of Meetings.

presented in 1805 by Mr. Brand (compiler of the Antiquities) to his friend H. Key; a copy of the first edition {1777) of Brand's " Observations on Popular Antiquities including the whole of Mr. Bourne's Antiquitates Vulgares with Addenda to every chapter of that work."

By Mr. T. Fairman Ordish — Photographs of sword- dancer's coat and sword-dancer's hat from Durham ; photo- graph of dress of Plough-Monday player, from Vale of Beaver (Northamptonshire) ; photographs of three scenes from mummers' play at Netley Abbey; photograph of Horn Dance at Abbot's Bromley (Staffordshire) ; drawing of a mummers' play from Mill Hill (Middlesex) ; drawings of " Old Bighead," " Father Christmas," and " Dolly " from the same mummers' play ; photographs of mummers' swords and hats, and drawing of a fight in a mummers' play, from Sherfield English (Hants).



THE President (Mr. W. Crooke) in the Chair.

On the motion of the President, seconded by Mr. Wright, it was resolved that the existing Rules of the Society be rescinded, and that the new Rules shown on the leaflet supplied to Members be those by which the Society will in future be governed.