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The Council have much pleasure in reporting that the nunnbers of the Society are well maintained. Fifteen members have resigned during the year, and there have been four deaths, but on the other hand twenty-five new members and two subscribers have been added to the roll, and the total number now stands at 434.

Meetings of the Society have been held as follows : —

l^th Jamiary, 1910. (Annual Meeting.) Presidential Address: "The Value of European Folklore in the History of Culture." Miss Charlotte S. Burne.

\bth February. " The Cult of Executed Criminals in Sicily." Mr. E. Sidney Hartland.

"The Congo Medicine-Man and his Black and White Magic." Rev. J. H. V^^eeks.

\6th March. " The Ancient Charm-Hymns of Ireland." Miss Eleanor Hull.

" Method and Minotaur." Mr. A. Lang. 20tk April. " Marriage Customs, Bedu and Fellahin." Mrs. H. Hamish Spoer.

wth May. Address of Condolence voted to H.M. King George V. on the demise of H.M. King Edward VH.

\ St June. "Okidal, a Method of Killing among the Muppans, a hill tribe of Malabar." Mr. F. Fawcett.

" Some Naga Customs and Superstitions." Mr. T. C. Hodson. \^th June. "Moorish Beliefs and Customs." Dr. Westermarck. \(ith November. •' Bushongo Mythology." Mr. E. Torday.

2\st December. " King Midas and his Ass's Ears." Mr. W. Crooke.

" Some Charms and Amulets from Devonshire." Mr. E. Lovett.