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Anmial Report of the Council. g

The twenty-first volume of Folk-Lore has been issued during the year, and will be found equal in interest and value to any of its predecessors. Warm thanks are due to the Editor, Mr. A. R. Wright, for the labour he has so ungrudgingly bestowed not only on editing but on indexing the volume. The volume of the Annual Biblio- graphy of Folklore dealing with 1908 will be ready shortly.

Mr. E. Sidney Hartland's Primitive Paternity, vols. i. and ii., has been issued during the year, being the extra volumes for 1909 and 19 10. The extra volume for 191 1 has not yet been decided on. Mr. J. S. Simpkins' collection of the folklore of Fife from printed sources has been received, and the new edition of the Handbook of Folklore, so long delayed, is expected to be ready in the course of the year.

A year ago the Council had to record the destruction of a large part of the Society's stock by fire. It had been insured for ;^i500 in the Westminster Insurance Office. The Society accepted the sum of ;^iioo in satisfaction of its claim, and took over the salvage stock. ;^iooo of the sum received from the Insurance Company has been in- vested in the names of the Society's trustees, Sir Edward Brabrook, Mr. Edward Clodd, and Mr. J. E. Crombie, and the remainder allotted to binding the salvage copies, which are offered to members and subscribers at 4s. a volume, with all faults, post free. The volumes are complete, but somewhat water-stained. Members are advised to take advantage of this opportunity to complete their sets, as many of the Society's publications are becoming scarce.

A new and carefully revised edition of the Prospectus was issued during the year and distributed to members. It in- cludes full particulars of the publications. The type will be kept standing and the Prospectus brought up to date each year. A leaflet of Hints for the Use of Collectors of Folklore has also been issued. Copies of both may be obtained gratis of the Secretary.