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2i6 Collectaiiea.

13. Kui vil inkje hoyra at hoyet minker.

A cow will not hear that the hay is dwindling away.

14. Det vil mykje til a kveikja ein kald are.

It is hard work to kindle fire on a cold hearth.

15. Mateleg kvilt er ingi tid spillt. Rest in reason is not time lost.

16. Ein kann inkje baade ansa og ro. One cannot both bale and row.

17. Ei fager brud treng lite skrud. A fair bride needs little finery.

18. Ein skal bryggja so ein hev noko til a tyggja.

One must brew so that one has something to chew.

19. Ein stor buskap treng stort beite. A large stock needs much pasture.

20. Ein kjem inkje djupare enn aat botnen. One cannot fall deeper than to the bottom.

2 1 . Det er ofte dygd i bur der ingen trur.

There is often virtue where no one would think it.

22. Ettertanken er god men fyretanken er betre. Afterthought is good, but forethought is better.

23. Fatigmanns foring er altid lett. Poor man's luggage is always light.

24. Der fanden inkje er sjolv, der hev han sveinarne sine. Where the devil is not present himself, he has his young


25. Ein kjem ikkje paa fjellet raed flat veg. You can't climb a mountain by a level road.

26. Det er vondt aa fljuga vengjelaus. It is hard to fly without wings.

27. Tri gonger flutt er som ein gong brennt.

Three times' removing is as bad as once burnt out.

28. Ein fasr ikkje retta foten lenger enn felden rekk.

One must not stretch the foot further than the bed- covering (of skin) reaches.