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Collectanea. 2 1 7

29. Stor fugl tarv stort reiv.

A big bird needs a big prey.

30. Den som vil fylgja naar byren bles fer fylgja i androren med. He who would follow when a fair wind blows must follow

in a head-wind (lit. take part in the against-rowing).

31. Det er betre aa vera fyre var enn etter snar.

It is better to be wary beforehand than smart after.

32. D'er logi som domer, inkje domaren. 'Tis the law that judges, not the judge.

33. Ein gap treng god lukka. A fool needs good luck.

34. Det skal vera gard millom gode grannar.

There must be a fence between good neighbours.

35. Det er beste gaava, som inkje ventar attergaava. The best gifts are those which expect no return.

^6. Geiti er ikkje god aa gjerda fyre {or inne). A goat is not easy to fence in.

37. Di meir ein bannar geiti di meir trivst ho.

The more one curses a goat the more she thrives.

38. Kvardags gjest faer kvardags helsing.

A weekday guest gets a weekday greeting.

39. Det er ofte ei turr grein paa eit gront tre. There is often a withered branch on a green tree.

40. Den som lyfter hamaren for hogt, han slaer skakt.

He who lifts the hammer too high, strikes too clumsily.

41. Heirae er hunden djervaste. The dog is boldest at home.

42. Det er da heilt holamillom.

Anyhow, it is all right between the holes [of an old garment].

43. Helgarplagg vert ei gong kvardagsplagg. Holiday wear one day becomes weekday wear.