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Calendar Customs of the British Isles : Report of THE " Brand " Committee.

{Ante, p. 232.)

The Brand Committee have the pleasure to report to the Council of the Folk-Lore Society that satisfactory progress has been made in the carrying out of the arrangements for the pro- posed enlarged edition of the calendar portion of Brand's Popular Antiquities.

The appeal of the Committee for help has been widely and enthusiastically responded to, and, although further assistance is still required, the Committee are confident that they will receive such assistance in full measure. This hope is founded on the fact that the greatest interest in the scheme has been expressed both publicly and privately. A large number of contributors are engaged in extracting the necessary materials from many books in folklore literature. About twenty of the contributors have already sent in many valuable extracts. Mr. C. J. Billson has kindly lent an interleaved copy of Brand's work containing many valuable Ms. additions by the late Mr. William Kelly, F.S.A. Mr. Sebley has also sent additions of importance to Mr. Thiselton Dyer's British Popular Customs. Several friends of the undertaking have enlisted public interest by drawing attention to it in periodical literature ; then the Rev. D. Beaton has made some valuable contributions \.o John d Groats Journal, and Mr. Ernest Rhys has sent communications of importance to the Manchester Guardian. The Editor of the Cheltenham Ladies' College Magazine has in- serted a letter giving an account of the project. All the resulting