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486 Correspondence.

contributions to our knowledge will be at the service of the Committee,

The work of the Committee has necessitated a considerable amount of correspondence, and the Committee wish to express their grateful thanks to Miss Eileen Keyser, who has given much valuable secretarial assistance. They regret that circumstances will prevent this lady from continuing her kind help, and will be glad of further help of the same kind from any member or friend, preferably one living in the N.W, London district.

The mass of materials which is now available for use, as well as that already promised, is considerable, and the Committee have every hope that they will obtain help from all parts of the Kingdom which will enable them to fill up the many deficiencies in Brand's work. It will also be possible to introduce into the book a more scientific method, so as to produce a work in which the various details will be seen to grow systematically owing to a more exact arrangement.

The more the Committee investigate the principles of the scheme, the more they appreciate the possibility of producing a work which, formed upon the research of many students, will be found to be of the greatest value to future workers in this field.

The Committee feel sure that it will be a great gratification to the Council to know that the need of the proposed revision of Brand's work is so widely appreciated. They hope shortly to be in a position to report more fully as to the arrangements to be adopted, when they can indicate certain branches of the subject for which special information is still required.

Henry B. Wheatley (For the " Brand " Committee).


(Ante, pp. 362-74.)

Mr. Hartland's letter raises at all events one very serious pro- position, which must be discussed separately if we are to gain anything from the facts of existing savagery upon the problems of totemism. Mr. Hartland says : " Now {pace Dr. Frazer) toteraism