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70 Collectanea.

son said, — "O King's son, enter at a gallop." He entered at a gallop. Then the wall fell, (but) he had already passed. When the King's son and the priest's son had entered the town, the two Doves flew away. They went to the door of the King's house. The King said, — "Take them to a lodging." When evening came, the King's son came to the maiden, and said, — " I want to marry you." She said, — " I also like you, but he who would marry me must live for seven days and eat nothing." He said, — "Very well, I agree." They slept in the one room. Then they played draughts. He won. Now the young scholar, when night came, used to take a skin and tie it on and cry, — " O prophet of the one God." The people of this house would give him food, the people of that house would give him food, the people of another house would give him food, until he filled his calabash with food. He came and knocked at the house where the King's son was. The wall opened. He gave him food, and he ate it. The King's son was satisfied. Then he again hit the wall and it closed, and he returned to his lodging. As for the house, it had no door. During six days he was giving him food. On the day when the seventh day was to be completed, on the seventh night, the scholar went out to beg. Now nothing had been cooked except ground-nuts. He obtained ground-nuts in a small calabash, and went and knocked at the wall behind the boy. The wall opened, and he (King's son) (began) taking the ground-nuts. He (priest's son) gave them to him. He (King's son) was eating them. He (King's son) was playing draughts with the girl also. She did not see. When he had had enough, when he ducked his head one ground-nut fell out in front of her, the girl. She took it and looked at it, and said, — "What is this?" He remained silent. She said, — " Oho, Deceiver, to-morrow we shall see." She arose and pulled off her waist-cloths, even seven cloths, and put them on one side. She put her hand in the pocket of a cloth, ^2 and took a small tin and opened it, and took the kernel of the ground-nut and put it inside. Then she took her waist-cloths and put them on again. Then she lay down and said she wanted to sleep. The scholar got up crying, and went into the town. Then he found a Cat. The Cat said, — "What do you want?" The ^2 The inside cloth {f atari) often has a pocket.