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Collectanea. 7 1

boy said, — " Have you heard what has caused me to seek for you?" She said,— "What is it?" He said,— "The King's son and the king's daughter were playing draughts. I found something for him to eat, and took (it) to him. She found us out to-day." Then the Cat said, — " Let us go." They came. He (priest's son) knocked at the door. The room opened. Then the Cat said, — " Let us go in." Then the Cat rubbed some charm on the girl. Then they pulled off her waist-cloths. Then they put their hands in the pocket, and took out the small tin, and opened it, and took out the kernel of the nut, and gave it to the King's son, and he ate it. They took a draught, and put it inside the tin and closed it. (Then) they returned it to her pocket. Then they put her cloths on again. Then the Cat and the scholar went away. Each went to his own house. The King's son slept until dawn. She cried out, and said they must come and take them out, the seven days were passed. They came and took them out. The King's son then went to his lodging. She also went to her father's house. She went and told her father, and said, — "When the King's son comes he must be killed. He has committed a crime." Then noon passed, and all the town assembled. Then they sent for the King's son to come. Then the father said, — " Call the girl." She was called, and she came. When she had come, the father said, — " Now come and bring the proof that we may see (it)." She came and untied all her waist-cloths, and put in her hand and took the tin. She pulled out the tin, and gave it to her father's younger brother. He took it, and gave it to the chief priest of the town. He said, — "Very well. Open the tin," so said the King. The chief priest opened the tin, and saw the draught inside, and said to the King, — "Do you see? " He said it was to be given to his younger brother. He said, — " Now, you said it was a ground-nut. Look here, it is not a ground-nut." Then the King's son arose and said, — " Now, give me it to look at." When he had taken it, he looked at it in his hand, and said to them, — "Now you have seen it. Is that a ground-nut?" The people said, — "No." Then he drew his sword and went to kill the father, and they ran away, the whole of the (people in the) hall. Then the scholar arose and put his arms round him, and said, — "Be patient." Then the King said, — "Very well. Go to your house. In the evening