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72 Collectanea.

come and you will be married." Then, when evening came, they came and they were married. Then, when evening came, the girl was taken to his house where he was living. The girl was taken to him.

This went on, this went on. He (King's son) used to go to the scholar and talk (to him). He also, the scholar, used to go and come to him to talk. One day the scholar got up to go to him, when he came upon a snake in the road. They struggled for a time, (but when) the snake saw that the scholar was going to (overpower) him he spat spittle into the scholar's eyes, and the eyes were blinded (shut). As for the boy he stabbed him (snake) with a knife and killed him. Then the boy said, — " Now let me return (to the) house where I am lodging." The scholar held his stick, and was groping on the road until he reached the house. In the morning the King's son came and said, — "Ah, So-and-so, I did not see you yesterday." Then he said, — "Ah, as you passed on this road did you not see a snake on the dung-heap ? " He said, — " I it was who fought him yesterday. My eyes have become blind." He said, — " Indeed, let us go home to-morrow." He went and said to the King, — " To-morrow we shall start to go home." Then the King said, — "Is it in peace?" He said, — " It is in peace. My fellow traveller has had his e3'es spat into by a snake, and has become blind." Then the King said, — "Very well. You shall go." The wife was nursing an infant. The King gave (him) slaves, both big and little, and many presents. In the morning (many) came to escort them. Then they returned alone to the town. They came to a certain forest, and the two Doves came and alighted (in the road). One of them said, — " The King's son and the priest's son came to search for a bride. God granted them (one), and they obtained (one). Now they are going home." The (other) one said, — " Give me the eye that I may see." When she had pressed it in, she said, — " See there, too, the priest's son is blind." The (other) one said, — "Give me the eye that I may see." She said, — "If now they knew, they would take that young child who has been born there and kill it, and take (touch) some of the child's blood, and rub it on his eyes and the eyes would be opened." The King's son understood. The priest's son did not understand. So he returned