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Collectanea. 73

at a gallop and took the child, and went and killed (it), and took some blood in his hand and came and rubbed it on the scholar's eyes, and the eyes opened. They were travelling along. The mother did not know. Then the two Doves came and alighted (in the road) again. One of them said, — "The King's son and priest's son came to search for a bride. God granted them (their quest), and they obtained it. A snake and the priest's son had a tussle. The snake spat spittle into the boy's eyes, and he became a blind man." Then they flew on again along the road. One of them said, — "Give me the eye that I may see." She said, — "When they took the road, if they had known, they would have returned to the place where the boy was whom they had killed. They would have picked some leaves in the place, and would have touched the boy with them and he would have come to life." The young scholar understood. The King's son did not understand. Then he returned at a gallop to where the boy was. The King's son said, — " Where are you going ? " He said, — "Wait a minute." He came and broke off a branch at the place, and touched the boy with it, and the boy came to life. He took the boy at a gallop, and began galloping and galloping, and he came and gave him to the nurse. Then he passed and overtook the King's son, and said, "Let us go." He said, — Where did you go just then ?" He said, — " I let something fall, and I went back and got it." When they had come to the river at the gate of the town, they let attendants go into the town first. Then he saw the boy on a woman's back. Then he pulled his turban over his mouth, and began laughing. They divided their riches, and


A. J. N. Tremearne.

{To be continued.^

MiANWALi Folklore Notes.

In 1 90 1 the District of Mianwali was formed out of the two Panjab halves of two older districts, and I had the good fortune to