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4 Annual Report of the Council.

Meetings of the Society have been held as follows, viz.:

2.\st January. " The Cult of the Bori among the Hausas." Major Tremearne.

l%th February. (Annual Meeting.) Presidential Address: "Folk-Lore and

Psychology." Dr. R. R. Marett. 18/// March. " Folk-Lore in East Africa." Miss A. Werner. I2tni April. " The Folk-Lore of London." Mr. E. Lovett.

20M May. " La Chevauchee de St. Michel in the Island of Guernsey." Miss Edith Carey.

IT th June. "Roumanian Popular Tales and Legends of Birds, Beasts and Insects." Dr. Gaster.

\%th November. "TheDasahra. An Autumn Festival of the Hindus." Mr. W. Crooke.

\iith December. " Superstitions of the Shawia Berbers." Mr. M. W. Hilton Simpson.

The papers in January, March and April were profusely illustrated by lantern slides; and at the meeting held in March Mr. E. S. Hartland exhibited and presented to the Society a smock frock made at Newent in Gloucestershire over thirty years ago, which had been worn by a shepherd in that neighbourhood until quite recently.

The Council have had under consideration whether it might not be desirable to hold fewer meetings during the current session, but have come to the conclusion that they would be justified in proceeding as usual. As the meetings in November and December were thinly attended, they hope that the members at future meetings will support them in their enterprise.

The Council would be especially glad if members or friends of the Society having folklore objects of interest to exhibit would communicate with the Secretary. Mr. H. V. Routh, who kindly undertook to act as convener of the Exhibits and Museum Committee last year, is now serving with His Majesty's forces, and the Council hope some qualified member maybe found to fill his place. A circular letter was issued a year ago, requesting members possessing