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Annual Report of the Council.

by Mr. W. Crooke, to whom the thanks of the Society are due for so kindly stepping into the breach.

The additional volumes for 1912 and 1913 have also been issued during the year. The Handbook of Folklore, by Miss C. S. Burne, which the Council eventually decided should be the additional volume for 1913, appeared early in August, and County Folklore, Vol. VII. (Fife, Clackmannan, and Kinross), collected by Mr. J, E. Simpkins, two months later. The Council congratulate Miss Burne most heartily on the completion of her labours, and have no hesitation in putting on record their belief that the Handbook will prove invaluable to students and collectors of Folklore. Mr. Simpkins also is to be congratulated upon the completion of a very interesting volume, which has been issued as the Society's additional publication for 1912.

The Council have decided to issue Dr. Caster's "Collection of Rumanian Popular Tales and Legends of Birds, Beasts, and Insects" (a selection from which he read at the meeting of the Society held on the 17th June), as the additional volume for 1914.

During the year the executors of the late Mr. J. P. Emslie presented to the Society six small note-books, three of which contained Mr. Emslie's MS. collections of folklore. These have been added to the Society's library, and the remaining three, containing original drawings of antiquities and scenery chiefly in the City of London and County of Middlesex, have been offered to the London County Council, to be placed in their library.

The Bibliography of Anthropology and Folklore dealing with the year 1908 has not yet been completed.

The work of the Brand Committee has made considerable progress since the last report, and the Committee had hoped to be able to announce that the work of classifying the material collected might begin in the early months of 1915, but the general stress and strain occasioned by the