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Annual Report of the Council. 7

war have inevitably diverted the energies of many workers into other channels ; and the collections, though very con- siderable, are therefore not yet sufficiently complete for classification.

The chief additions to them since our last Report are the whole of the folklore notes included in the twenty volumes of Bycgones, extracted under the direction of Miss Hartland, and the calendar customs noted in the twenty-one volumes of the Statistical Accoimt of Scotland, extracted by Miss Legge.

The Council have pleasure in stating that their relations with Messrs. Sidgwick and Jackson, the Society's publishers, have continued to be of the most harmonious character, and they sincerely hope that they may be able to retain the services of the firm in the future.

The Council have found that several volumes of the publications of the Society included in the salvage stock are not starred in the list printed in the last Prospectus. Copies of the Prospectus can be obtained on application from the Secretary, but members wishing to purchase at the reduced rate, either on their own behalf or on behalf •of their friends, should apply for further particulars to Mr. C. J. Tabor, The White House, Knotts Green, Leyton, Essex, who has kindly undertaken to be responsible for the sale of the stock, and to ascertain whether any salvage copies of the volumes they require are available. The volumes have been rebound, and are for the most part in a very fair condition. The price is 4s. per volume, carriage paid, with all faults.

The Cash Account and Balance Sheet for the year are submitted herewith.

R. R. Marett,

President. February, 1915.