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Catalogue of Brand Material.



I. Names.

Pancake Day . - - - Fasten! 's E'en - Fassen's Tuesday . - -

Soft Tuesday - - - - Sharp Tuesday - - - - Panshord Day - - - - Goodish or Goodit or Guttit Tuesday Also Join-night, Throwl-egg Day, DogstickDay, etc., in accordance with local observances.

II. Natural Phenomena.

Thunder on Shrove Tuesday fore- tells store of fruit and plenty

As much as the sun shines on Shrove Tuesday the like will it shine every day in Lent -

If you have not a sweetheart on Shrove Tuesday you will be lousy all Lent - - - -

III. General Observances.

[a) Things done to obtain Luck or Omens. ^ Wealth ensured by eating

pancakes Marriage omens from frying

them _ - - -

Marriage omens from feeding

poultry with them - Marriage omens from playing

shuttlecock Health at harvest secured by

playing ball - - - (t») Special Viands.

Seedcake (formerly) Dough-nuts (hence called

Dough Nut Day)


Common. North Country. Cheshire, Lanes. Gloucester, Worcester. Cornwall. W. Somerset. Salop and Staffs.

(Authority ?) (Locality ?). Derbvshire.

Dough-cakes _ . . ' Other observances are evidently connected vvi explicitly slated.

Leeds (c). Yorkshire (c). Lines, (c). Yorkshire (g). Yorkshire (g).


Herts, (esp. Baldock). Isle of Wight. Bedfordshire, ih Luck, though the fact is not