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Catalogue of Brand Material.

One who could not make apple fritters was not fit for a farmer's service

First piece of pancake given to slug-a-bed -

First piece of pancake given to cock - - - -

First piece of pancake given to poultry

As many hens as helped cock, so many years before girl married - - - -

Whoever could not finish his pancake was " whum- meled on to the muck- midden "

The last to finish was carried on to the midden

The well-known custom of Westminster School.

{d) Begging Customs.

Begging flour and milk by adults - - - - " Shroving " (begging for pancakes) by children

Lent-crocking " (the same, but broken crockery thrown at doors when gift denied)


Staffs. (" Tedbury Mop").

Essex, Suffolk (1710).

Notts (Ollerton), Lines, (general), Durham


Staffs (Stone). Lincohishire.

Cheshire, Sheffield. Cheshire (Northenden).

North Riding (Whitby).

Berks. (Purley).

Bucks. (Worminghall).

Oxfordshire (Baldon,

Checkendon, Islip,

Oakley and Ickford, Weston-on-the-Green) .

Hants (Isle of Wight, St. Mary Bourne, Han- , nington).

Devon (west of, Dart- moor, Bridestowe, Marystowe, Lanerton, Okehampton) .

Dorset, Wilts. (S.W. and near Salisbury).

Devon (Hartland ) (Tavis- tock, 1833).