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Catalogue of Brand Material.


Mischievous pranks.

Gates unhung, knocliers wrenched olt, exposed articles seized, people rubbed with soot -

Passers-by drenched with water - - - -

Children hoaxed about pancakes lalling -

Hornblowine: - - -

'Thrashing the lieu

Throwing at Cocks, or " Cock- squailiug " - - -

Cock-pence in schools

Cockfighting in schools

(Victor privileged to obtain misdemeanants' pardon)


Cornwall (Penzance).

Cornwall (Penzance). Herefordshire (Kington).

Duriiam, Dronfield, Ox-

h)nl. Derbyshire (Myam). Salop (Wellington). Oxford (1686). Suffolk, Essex, Stalls.

(Rilston, 1710).

Ihistol, Devon (Ivings- bridge), Dorset, Lanes., Northants., Hants

(Romsey, Lymingtou), South Stalls., Sussex, Wilts. (Chippenham) .

Lancashire (Lancaster, Hawkshead, Burnley).

Cheshire (Warrington), Clitheroe, etc. For- bidden at Manchester

15^5- Cumb. (Whitehaven, Mil-

lom, St. Bees). London (12th cent.). London (12th cent.). Lancashire (common). Yorks. (Sedbergh, Hever-

sham). Cumberland (Bromfield). Cumberland and West- moreland, J barton and

others. Lines. (Massingham, I'.ar

noldby-le-Beck and


Somerset (Yeovil).