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Catalogue oj Brand Material.


Windows decorated with

evergreens . . -

Yew or Box, used as Palm in

R.C. Churches. Churches decorated with - Land held by rent of bunch

of box - - -

Yew used in Palm Sunday

processions - - - Yew in Churchyard called

Palm - - - -

Plants used to preserve from Evil.

First sprig of Yew gathered on Pontesford Hill pre- serves from ill-luck

Hazel and Willow twigs gathered and kept in water preserve from lightning

Quarrel subsequent on Blessing of Palms

Palms blessed by R.C. priest carried as amu- lets by Protestant miners

Palm crosses made -

(fe) Places Visited.

Graves decorated and visited^



Salop (1808).

Salop (1086).

(Caxton 1 483).

Devon (Woodbury), East Kent (17th cent.).

Wheatfields Visited

By young men and maids

By women and children,

to " tread the wheat "

' Cf. Wales, infra. 2 B


South Lincolnshire.

Hants (Romsey, 14th cent.).

Staffs. (?).

Cornwall (Little Colan), Durham (City, Gain- ford, Lanchester), Yorks. (Whitby, North- allerton, Richmond).

Cheshire, Salop (Albrigh- ton), Herefordshire (Ewyas Harold and Newton - in - Clodock) , Glouce.ster(St.Briavers and district).


(Aubrey, 17th cent.).

(Longbridge (19th cent.).