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388 Catalogue of Brand Material.

V. Business Transacted. locality.

Church floor strewn with rushes - Bristol (St. Mary Red- cliff e).

" Palmson Money " paid at Easter - Wilts. (Bradford).

Bundle of box-twigs paid as rent

(1086) ------ Salop (Poston).

" Gad-whip Tenure." (Rent, 30 pieces of silver, tied to a whip- thong and paid publicly in church service) . . . . - Lines. (Caistor).


I. Names.

Sul-y-blodau (Welsh). Flowering Sunday (English).

II. Natural Phenomena.

Fairies and witches have power

over persons born this day - South Wales. Walking round boundaries this

day keeps away thieves - - South Wales.

III. Observances.

Decorating Graves and visiting Churchyards.^ General in South Wales - - General (Cardiff, Swan- sea, Carmarthen, Gla- morgan, Monmouth). Occasionally met with in North

Wales (Montgomery, Cardigan,

also Pembroke). Drinking sugar and water at well Denbigh (Llansantffraid) .



Pace eggs used - - . . Hebrides (Uist). Schoolboys carried palms through

streets Lanark.

IRELAND. Observances.

Palm twigs worn - - - . Co. Deny (Maghera).

[To be continued.)

^ Often on Easter Sunday in country places of late years.