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By the death in action at Loos on 25th September last of Major Arthur John Newman Tremearne the sciences of anthro- pology and folklore have lost an enthusiastic and diligent student. Major Tremearne was born at Melbourne, Victoria, in 1877, and studied in the universities of Melbourne, Cambridge, and London. He received the degrees of M.A., LL.M., M.Sc, and the Diploma of Anthropology (Cantab.), and was also a barrister of Gray's Inn. He saw active service in the South African War of 1899, and also in West Africa, where he held various civil appointments and gained that wide knowledge of the Hausa language that led to his obtaining the Hausa Scholarship at Christ's College, Cambridge, where he became University Lecturer in that language. Li 19 13 and 19 1 4 he visited Tunis and Tripoli to investigate the condition of the Hausa communities in these countries. His published work in anthropology and folklore was considerable. He con- tributed several important papers to the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (vols, xli., xlii., xlv.), to Man (vols, x., xi., xii., xiv.), to the Journal of the Royal Society of Art (vols. Iviii., lix.). Journal of the Society of Comparative Legislation (N.S. No. xxxiii.), and to Folk-Lore (vols, xxi., xx.). He was also the author of several important works : The Niger a?id the IVest Sudan, or the West Africaji Note Book (19 10), Fables and Fairy Tales for Little Folk, or Uncle Remus in Llausa Land (1910), in which he was assisted by his wife ; The Tailed Hunters of Nigeria (191 2), Hausa Superstitions and Custofns (1913), Some