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Bibliography. 287


The Contents of Periodicals exclusively devoted to Folklore are not noted.

Journal of the Anthropological Institute, xxvi, 4. R. H. Matthews, The Keeparra Ceremony of Initiation. H. Bal- four, Life History of an Aghori Fakir. B. T. Somerville, Etlinographical Notes in New Georgia, Solomon Islands. B. T. Somerville and S. H. Ray, Songs and Specimens of the Language of New Georgia, Solomon Islands.

Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology, xix, 5. Sir P. Le Page Renouf The Book of the Dead, chap, cxxxvi. F. Legge, A Coptic Spell of the Second Century.

Contemporary Review, June. W. M. Flinders Petrie, Eaten with Honour. [An account of remains found in Egyptian tombs, pointing to a ritual eating of the dead.]

Transactions of the Cymmrodorion Society, 1895-6. F. Seebohm, The Historical Importance of the Cymric Tribal System.

Reliquary, iii, 3. E. S. Hartland, On an Inscribed Leaden Tablet found at Dymock, in Gloucestershire.

Revue de 1' Histoire des Religions, xxxv, 2. Z. Leger, Les Sources de la Mythologie Slave.

Century, June Alice C.Fletcher, Home Life Among the Indians.

Le Vieux Liege, i Mai. E. Monseur, La Fete de Russon. [An interesting account of a rustic festival at Russon, a Flemish village near Tongres. The author traces it to a heathen solemnity in honour of Woden. Reproductions of photo- graphs are given, showing the procession at different points and individual portraits of some of the performers in cos- tume.]

Fourteenth Report of the Committee [of the Devonshire Associa- tion] on Devonshire Folklore. [The reports of the Committee of the Devonshire Association are always useful and interest- ing. The report before us has a special value because one of the communications it contains challenges the account given by "An Old Holne Curate" in N. and Q., ist series.