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This page needs to be proofread.

vii., 353, of the sacrifice of a ram at Holne. This account has been quoted and used with much effect by Mr. Gomme in Ethnology in Folklore. Several of the most striking particulars of the ceremony are here denied on the authority of "the oldest parishioners." The original account was published in 1853. Denials of this kind, after a considerable lapse of time, are becoming quite a common phenomenon. It is a pity that they should not have been made when the original record was recent and the original reporter had an opportunity of vindicating his statements. In this case forty-three years have passed away, and probably the "Old Holne Curate" is no longer living.]

Mind, vi, N. S., 22. Havelock Ellis, A Note on Hypnagogic Paramnesia. [The author defines Hypnagogic Paramnesia as "a false memory occurring in the antechamber of sleep," and suggests that "in the earlier stages of culture" phenomena such as he describes and discusses "must have had a real influence on belief." They are certainly worth the consideration of present-day observers of savage life and mental processes.]

American Anthropologist, June. D. G. Brinton, The Missing Authorities on Mayan Antiquities. [Most of the missing works referred to by Dr. Brinton relate to the customs and superstitions of the Mayan race. It is not impossible that some of the works may still exist in MS. or print. We may hope that this paper will stimulate the search for them, since they are of priceless value to the students of religion and custom.]