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W. H. R. Rivers. Instinct and the Unconscious. R. R. Marett 60
Von Dr. Géza Róheim. Spiegelzauber. E. Sidney Hartland 63
P. Saintyves. Les Origines de la Médecine: Empirisme ou Magie? E. Sidney Hartland 64
Edwin W. Smith and A. Murray Dale. The Ba-ila Speaking Peoples of Northern Rhodesia. W. Crooke 67
A. W. Cardinall. The Natives of the Northern Territories of the Gold Coast: their Customs, Religion and Folklore. L. H. D. Buxtor 69
Eleanour Sinclair Rohde. A Garden of Herbs. W. Crooke 69
Agnes Gardner King. Islands Ear Away. C. Jenkinson 136
Rai Sahib Dineshchandra Sen. Folklore in Bengal. The Bengali Ramayanas and The Folk-Literature of Bengal. W. Crooke 137
D. Jenness and the late Rev. A. Ballantyne. The Northern D’Entrecasteaux. E. Sidney Hartland 138
Bertha S. Phillpotts. The Elder Edda and Ancient Scandinavian Drama. W. R. Halliday 141
R. R. Marett. Psychology and Folk-Lore. E. Sidney Hartland 217
Edwin Sidney Hartland. Primitive Society: the Beginnings of the Family and the Reckoning of Descent. E. N. Fallaize 219
Carveth Read. The Origin of Man and of his Superstitions. A. C. Haddon 220
Rai Bahadur Sarat Chandra Roy. Principles and Methods of Physical Anthropology. A. C. Haddon 224
Rev. W. Deane. Fijian Society, or the Sociology and Psychology of the Fijians. Sir Everard im Thurn 278
J. H. Mutton. The Angami Nagas, with some Notes on Neighbouring Tribes. W. Crooke 280
F. Ohrt. Danmarks Trylleformles. E. Sidney Hartland 283