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During the year the attendance at the meetings has been well maintained. The meetings have continued to be held at 8 p.m., as in pre-war days; and experience has shown that a larger attendance is secured at that hour than in the afternoon.

Twenty-one new members have been enrolled during the year, and four libraries have been added to the list of sub- scribers. Five members have died, including Dr. W. H. Furness of Delaware and Professor Paul Postel of Vienna. There have been fourteen resignations. The number of names on the roll of the Society should, therefore, be 402, as against 396 a year ago; but the subscriptions of some of those whose names appear upon the roll are three or more years in arrear, and many of the 1920 subscriptions are still outstanding, so that it is difficult to state with any degree of accuracy what the effective strength of the Society at present is. The Council earnestly appeal to all those who are in default to remit to the Secretary what is due from them at the earliest opportunity.

In view of the continued high cost of paper and labour, and the consequent inability of the Council to issue an additional volume each year, as had been their invariable custom down to and including the year 1914, it is of vital importance that the numbers of the Society should be increased if it is to continue to carry on its work as efficiently as in the past. The Council are therefore about to issue a circular letter setting out the aims and objects