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Annual Report of the Council.

of the Society with the view of making its work more widely known, not only at home, but throughout the British Empire, and also in the United States of America ; and it is hoped that their appeal may be crowned with some measure of success in the near future.

The amount received in subscriptions during the year was £376 19s.— £4 4s. more than in 191 9. Interest on investments and on money on deposit amounted to £35 13s. 10d. ; and the income of the Society from all sources to £531 15s. 8d. It is a matter for congratulation that sales of the Society's publications realized £90 16s. 9d., as against £32 0s. 11d. in 1919 ; and it is hoped that the revenue from this source may during the year 1921 considerably exceed the pre-war level. Folk-Lore cost £316 8s. 2d., as against £243 0s. 3d. The Society's invest- ments remain unchanged, but their value, as at December 31, 1920, was £615, as against £695 on the 31st December, 1919. The balance to the credit of the Society, however, has fallen only £43 3s. od., viz. from £1010 os. 9d. to £966 17s. 9d., so that the financial position is perfectly sound.

Meetings of the Society have been held as follows :

21st January. " Some Experiences in the Reproduction of Folk Stories." F. C. Bartlett.

18th February. Annual Meeting. Presidential Address.

17th March. " Mother-right in Ancient Italy." H. J. Rose.

21st April. " Psychology in Relation to the Folk Story." F. C. Bartlett.

19th May. " Constitution of the Witch Culture in Great Britain." Miss Murray.

16th June. " A Note concerning the use of Megalithic Circles." Miss E. Richardson.

" The Comparative and Literary Study of the Ballad." Joseph J. MacSweeney.

" Cairene and Upper Egyptian Folk Lore." The Rev. Prof. A. H. Sayce.

17th November. " The Statues of Easter Island." The President.

15th December. " Some Notes on Zulu Religion from the MSS. of the late Bishop Callaway." Miss A. Werner.