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Annual Report oj the Cotcncii. 5

More objects have been exhibited at these meetings than has been the case for many years past, thanks to the energy and foresight of Mr. G. R. Carhne, who has seldom attended a meeting without bringing some objects of interest with him. At the meetings in May and June, Col. Shakespeare very kindly exhibited and explained a number of paintings illustrative of Manipuri festivals and costumes, which were of unusual interest.

Several additions have been made to the Society's Library at University College during the year, particulars of which have been duly chronicled in Folk-Lore ; and the Council have recently accepted an offer from Mr. G. Kiddell of Sidcup to hand over to the Society the phonograph records taken at the International Folk-Lore Congress, 1891.

Members are again reminded that they are at hberty to borrow books from the Library. Particulars of the regu- lations subject to which they may be borrowed may be obtained from the Hon. Librarian, Dr. R. W. Chambers at the College.

The thirty-first volume of Folk-Lore has been issued during the year ; but for the reasons already pointed out it has been impossible to issue an additional volume. The General Index of the Society's publications has been taken in hand, and the Council has had several MSS. offered to them ; but in existing circumstances it is impossible to make any definite promise as to the date of their publi- cation.

The work of the Brand Committee still continues in abeyance ; but it is hoped that Dr. E. S. Hartland, who has very kindly undertaken to act as Editor-in-Chief, will at an early date be able to arrange a meeting with the sub-editors, after which the work of the Committee will no doubt be restarted on a satisfactory footing. The Council much regret that there is no likelihood of Miss Burne ever being well enough to resume any active work either as