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ever to-day and that far from losing its hold on the people, it is bound to gather fresh strength day by day.

We find that the public generally is more responsive than ever to the call of the non-co-operation movement. Those who have toured the districts invariably report that the people are as enthusiastic as ever and are willing to carry out any directions given by the Congress and sister committees. A very encouraging sign is that in spite of the great depletion in the ranks of our workers there are new men coming forward to take their place and carry on the work. It is true that these people are not quite as experienced as the ones that have gone before, but it is only a matter of time before they become quite efficient.

The salient points of the new programme, as you are all aware, are;—

The new programme.

1. Recruiting of members for the Congress Committees and collection of Tilak Swaraj (Self Rule) Fund.

2. Removal of untouchability.

3. Promotion of unity among all classes.

4. Effective boycott of foreign cloth and encouragement of Swadeshi.

5. Stoppage of drink evil.

6. Establishment of Panchayats and Arbitration Boards.

The significance of N. C. O. movement.

Mahatma Gandhi’s last message before he went to jail was that the whole country should adopt khaddar, (that is, native cloth, spun and woven by Indians in their homes) and that khaddar would be the salvation of India.

It is often asked how khaddar would bring about swaraj, and people wonder that Mahatma Gandhi attaches so much importance to it. They are willing to admit its economic utility, but are doubtful of its political value. I can only say that those who raise this objec-