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Games For Hallow-e'en


Partners for different games or for the midnight spread may be decided by the fates. Write a number on one side of a small slip of paper, on the reverse side write a bit of "fortune." Place the folded papers in empty peanut or English walnut shells; the shells may be slightly glued together or tied with colored ribbons or string, or a narrow band of paper pasted at the ends will hold the two halves together. If the paper band is used, the numbers may be written on them and partners drawn before the nuts are cracked and fortunes read.

There should be two portions of nuts and two sets of numbers, one for the ladies and one for the gentlemen. The lady and gentleman drawing corresponding numbers are partners.


You will meet your future husband (or wife) to-night.

Prosperity and love await you.

A lap full of money and a lap full of children.

Change your mind before it is too late.

You have made the right choice.

Your love is not returned.

She is tired of Taffy, try chocolates.