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Games For Hallow-e'en

Thee does not love him as much the(e) auto.

You have too many beaux to your string.

Your face is your fortune, but poverty is no crime.

Fate has deceived you; you will be left in the lurch, waiting at the Church.

Your mate is true blue; what color are you?

Press your suit again; it needs it.

A kiss in time may save nine others taking a chance.

Dame Fortune says, "A good wife, Happy days, a long life."

You are well bred, but doomed to travel in single harness.

Your better half will be a silver one.

Your heart is like a street car—carries many passengers and always room for one more.

The fates decree
You shall married be
In the year of 1923.

Ask her—two can live as cheap as one, in fact cheaper, on the same salary.


Let several guests be blindfolded. Then hide nuts or apples in various parts of room or house. One finding most nuts or apples wins prize.