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" Which, when his mother saw, she in her mind Was troubled sore, ne wist well what to ween." Spenser.

Margaret had not been gone five minutes when Mr. Thornton came in, his face all a -glow. " I could not come sooner : the superintendent would Where is she ? " He looked round the dining-room, and then almost fiercely at his mother, who was quietly re -arranging the disturbed furniture, and did not instantly reply. " Where is Miss Hale ? " asked he again. " Gone home," said she, rather shortly. " Gone home ! " " Yes. She was a great deal better. Indeed, I don't believe it was so very much of a hurt ; only some people faint at the least thing." " I am sorry she is gone home," said he, walking uneasily about. " She could not have been fit for it." " She said she was ; and Mr. Lowe said she was. I went for him myself." " Thank you, mother." He stopped, and partly