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By the Author of "NORTH AND SOUTH."



"Its interest is intense— often painfully so … We can conscientiously pronounce it to be a production of great excellence."—Edinburgh Review.

Fourth Edition. In 2 vols. Post 8vo. price 18s.,

Also, a Cheap Edition, handsomely printed, price 2s.


A NOVEL. By the Author of "Mary Barton."

"A sad tale, most sweetly told; a Christian lesson most eloquently enforced."—Sun.

"A book so full of pathos, of love, and kindliness; of charity in its highest and broadest meaning; of deep religious feeling, and of fine observation, you will not often meet with. It cannot be read with unwet eyes, nor with hearts uninfluenced Let no one leave 'Ruth' unread."—Leader.

In 3 vols. Post Svo, price 31s. 6d.

Also, a Cheap Edition, handsomely printed, price 2s.


"There is so much delicate feminine observation, so much bright and genial humour, shadowed every now and then by passages of quiet pathos, that the book transports us into this secluded village, makes us intimate with its old-world ways, and stands out in the memory like an experience."—Leader.

"'Cranford' is the most perfect little book of its kind that has been published for many a day."—Examiner.