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The numbers refer to the sections, except where otherwise indicated.
N. = note.

A-sounds, 8 a, 9 a ff.

Abbreviations, 5 m.

Absolute cases, 143 c n.

Abstract, for concrete, 83c: abstr. ideas expressed by the feminine, 122 q,r: by fem. in -וּת, 86 k: by the plural, 124a, d-f: with the article, 126 n.

Accents, 3 b: names and laws of, 15: of the poetical books, 15 h, i.

Accentuation, 3 b: double accentuation in certain passages, 15 p.

Accusative expressed by אֵת, 117: as direct object of verb, 117, syntax of pronominal object and second accus., 117 e: introduced by ל (esp. late), 117 n: cognate accus., 117 p-r:

stands before the subst, 132 b. See also Attributive ideas.