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Plantations in New England: eſpecially
to ſuch as either haue or deſire to aſſiſt, the
people of Plimoth in their iuſt proceedings,
Grace, and Peace, bee

Good Newes from New England - Illuminated Initial - R.pngIght Honorable and Worſhipfull Gentlemen, or whatſouer: Since it hath pleaſed God to ſtir you vp to be inſtruments of his glory, in ſo honorable an enterpriſe as the inlarging of his Maieſties Dominions, by planting his loyall ſubiects in ſo healthfull and hopefull a Countrey as New-England is; where the Church of God being ſeated in ſincerity, there is no leſſe hope of convincing the Heathen of their euill wayes, and converting them to the true knowledge and worſhip of the living God, and ſo conſequently the ſalvation of their ſoules by the merits of Ieſus Chriſt, then elſewhere though it be much talked on, & lightly

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