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The Epiſtle Dedicatory.

or lamely proſecuted. I therefore thinke it but my dutie to offer the view of our proceedings to your worthy conſiderations, hauing to that end compoſed them together thus briefly as you ſee; wherein to your great encouragement, you may behold the good providence of God working with you in our preſeruation from ſo many dangerous plots and treacheries, as haue beene intended againſt vs; as alſo in giuing his bleſſing ſo powerfully vpon the weake meanes wee had, inabling vs with health and ability beyond expectation, in our greateſt ſcarcities, and proſſeſſing the hearts of the Saluages with aſtoniſhment and feare of vs, whereas if God had let them looſe, they might eaſily haue ſwallowed vs vp, ſcarce being an handfull in compariſon of thoſe forces they might haue gathered together againſt vs, which now by Gods bleſſing will be more hard and difficult, in regard our number of men is increaſed, our towne better fortified, and our ſtore better victualed. Bleſſed therefore be his name, that hath done ſo great things for vs, & hath wrought ſo great a change amongſt vs.

Accept I pray you my weake endevours, pardon my vnskilfulneſſe, and beare with my plaineneſſe in the things I haue handled. Bee not diſcouraged by our former neceſſities, but rather incouraged with vs, hoping that as God hath wrought with vs in our beginning of this worthy Worke, vndertaken in his name and feare; ſo he will by vs accompliſh the ſame to his glory and our comfort, if wee neglect not the meanes. I confeſſe, it hath not bin much leſſe chargeable to ſome of you, then hard