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The Epiſtle Dedicatory.

and difficult to vs, that haue endured the brunt of the battell, and yet ſmall profits returned; onely by Gods mercy wee are ſafely ſeated, houſed, and fortified, by which meanes a great ſtep is made vnto gaine, and a more direct courſe taken for the ſame, then if at firſt we had raſhly and covetouſly fallen vpon it.

Indeed, three things are the overthrow and bane (as I amy terme it) of Plantations.

1. The vaine expectation of preſent profit, which too too commonly taketh a principall ſeate in the heart and affection; though Gods glory, &c. is preferred before it in the mouth with proteſtation.

2. Ambition in their Governours and Commanders, ſeeking onely to make themſelues great, and ſlaues of all that are vnder them, to maintaine a tranſitory baſe honour in themſelues, which God oft puniſheth with contempt.

3. The careleſnes of thoſe that ſend over ſupplies of men vnto them, not caring how they bee qualified: ſo that oft times they are rather the Image of men endued with beſtiall, yea, diabolicall affections, then the Image of God, endued with reaſon, vnderſtanding, and holines. I prayſe God I ſpeake not theſe things experimentally, by way of complaint of our owne condition, but hauing great cauſe on the contrary part to be thankefull to God for his mercies towardes vs: but rather, if there bee any too deſirous of gaine, to intreate them to moderate their affections, and conſider that no man expecteth fruit before the tree be growne; adviſing all men, that as they tender their owne well fare,

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