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Good Newes from New-England.

incloſe the houſe or place ſo indangered, and ſtand aloofe on their guard, with their backs towards the fire, to preuent trechery, if any were in that kinde intended. If the fire were in any of the houſes of this guard, they were then freed from it, but not otherwiſe, without ſpeciall command.

Long before this time wee promiſed the people of Maſſachuſet in the beginning of March to come vnto them, and trade for their Furres, which being then come, we began to make preparation for that voyage. In the meane time, an Indian called Hobbamock, who ſtill liued in the Towne, told vs, that he feared the Maſſachuſets or Maſſachuſeucks (for they so called the people of that place) were ioyned in confederacy with the Nanohigganneucks, or people of Nanohigganſet, and that they therefore would take this opportunitie to cut off Captain Standiſh and his company abroad: but howſoeuer in the meane time, it was to be feared that the Nanohigganeuks would aſſault the Towne at home, giuing many reaſons for his iealouſie, as alſo that Tiſquantum was in the confederacie, who we ſhould finde would vse many perſwaſions to draw ſs from our ſhallops to the Indians houſes for their better aduantage. To confirme this his iealouſie he told vs of many secret paſſages that paſſed betweene him and others, hauing their meetings ordinarily abroad in the woods: but if at home howſoeuer he was excluded from their ſecrecie, ſaying it was the manner of the Indians when they meant plainly to deale openly: but in this his practiſe there was no ſhew of honeſtie.

Hereupon the Gouernour, together with his Aſſiſtant and Captain Standiſh, called together ſuch, as by them were thought moſt meet for advice in ſo weighty a buſineſſe, who after conſideration hereof came to this reſolution; That as hitherto vpon all occaſions betweene them and vs, we had euer manifeſted vndanted courage and reſo-

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