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Good Newes from New-England.

lution, ſo it would not now ſtand with our ſafetie to mew vp our ſelues in our new-encloſed towne, partly becauſe our Store was almoſt emptie, and therefore muſt ſeeke out for our daily food, without which we could not long ſubſiſt; but eſpecially for that thereby they would ſee us diſmaied, & be encouraged to proſecute their malicious purpoſes; with more eagerneſſe than euer they intended: whereas on the contrary, by the bleſſing of God, our feareleſſe carriage might be a meanes to diſcourage and weaken their proceedings. And therefore thought beſt to proceed in our trading voyage, making this vſe of that wee heard, to goe the better prouided, and vſe the more carefulneſſe both at home and abroad, leauing the euent to the diſpoſing of the Almightie, whoſe prouidence as it had hitherto beene ouer vs for good, ſo we had now no cauſe (ſaue our ſinnes) to deſpaire of his mercie in our preſeruation and continuance, where wee deſired rather to bee inſtruments of good to the Heathens about vs, than to giue them the leaſt meaſure of iuſt offense.

All things being now in readineſſe, the forenamed Captaine with ten men, accompanied with Tiſquantum and Hobbamock, ſet forwards for the Maſſachuſets: but wee had no ſooner turned the point of the harbour called the Gurnets noſe (where being becalmed wee let fall our grapnell, to ſet things to rights, and prepare to row) but there came an Indian of Tisquantums family, running to certaine of our people that were from home with all eagerneſſe, hauing his face wounded, and the blood ſtill freſh on the ſame, calling to them to repaire home, oft looking behinde him, as if ſome others had him in chaſe, ſaying that at Nemaschet (a town some fifteen miles from vs) there were many of the Nanohigganſets, Maſſaſſowat our ſuppoſed friend, and Conbatant our feared enemie, with many others, with a reſolution to take aduantage on the preſent opportunitie, to aſſault the towne in the Captaines abſence, affirming that he receiued the wound in his face for