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when they had deſerued iuſtly to die, to giue them their reward, and therefore refuſed their Beauers as a gift: but ſent for Tiſquantum, who though hee knew their intent, yet offered not to flie, but came and accused Hobbamock as the author and worker of his ouerthrow; yeelding himſelfe to the Gouernour to be ſent or not according as hee thought meet. But at the inſtant, when our Gouernour was ready to deliuer him into the hands of his Executioners, a Boat was ſeene at Sea to croſſe before our Towne, and fall behinde a head-land not farre off: whereupon, hauing heard many rumors of the French, and not knowing whether there were any combination betweene the Sauages and them, the Gouernour told the Indians, he would firſt know what Boat that was ere he would deliuer him into their cuſtodie. But being mad with rage, and impatient at delay, they departed in great heat.

Here let mee not omit one notable (though wicked) practiſe of this Tiſquantum, who to the end he might poſſeſſe his Countrymen with the greater feare of vs, and ſo conſequently of himſelfe, told them wee had the plague buried in our ſtore-houſe, which at our pleaſure wee could ſend forth to what place or people wee would, and deſtroy them therewith, though wee ſtirred not from home. Being vpon the fore-named brabbles ſent for by the Gouernour to this place, where Hobbamock was and ſome other of vs, the ground being broke in the middeſt of the houſe, (whereunder certaine barrels of powder were buried, though vnknowne to him) Hobbamock asked him what it meant? To whom he readily anſwered; That was the place wherein the plague was buried, whereof hee formerly told him and others. After this Hobbamock asked one of our people, whether ſuch a thing were, and whether wee had ſuch