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command of it? Who anſwered no; But the God of the Engliſh had it in ſtore, and could ſend it at his pleaſure to the deſtruction of his and our enemies.

This was, as I take it, about the end of May 1622. At which time our ſtore of victuals was wholly ſpent, hauing liued long before with a bare and ſhort allowance: The reaſon was, that ſupply of men before mentioned, which came ſo vnprouided, not landing ſo much as a barrell of bread or meal for their whole company, but contrariwiſe receiued from vs for their ſhips ſtore homeward. Neither were the ſetters forth thereof altogether to be blamed therein, but rather certaine amongſt our ſelues, who were too prodigall in their writing and reporting of that plenty we enioyed. But that I may returne.

This Boat proued to be a Shallop that belonged to a fiſhing ſhip, called the Sparrow, ſet forth by Master Thomas Weſton, late Merchant and Citizen of London, which brought ſix or ſeuen paſſengers at his charge, that ſhould before haue beene landed at our Plantation, who alſo brought no more prouiſion for the preſent than ſerued the Boats gang for their returne to the ſhip, which made her voyage at a place called Damarins Coue near Munhiggen ſome forty leagues from vs North-eaſt-ward; about which place there fiſhed aboue thirty ſaile of ſhips, and whither my ſelfe was imployed by our Gouernour, with orders to take vp ſuch victuals as the ſhips could ſpare, where I found kinde entertainment and good reſpect, with a willingneſſe to ſupply our wants: But being not able to ſpare that quantitie I required, by reaſon of the neceſſitie of ſome amongſt themſelues, whom they ſupplied before my comming, would not take any Bils for the ſame, but did what they could freely, wiſhing their ſtore had beene ſuch as they might